Spring whale watching week in Newport, Oregon

We are coming upon the Spring Migration of the Gray Whales along the Oregon Coast!

“The best time to spot Gray Whales is during the peak of their twice-annual migratory passage along the Oregon Coast. In the spring, they make their way north along the Pacific Coast from their warm breeding waters off Mexico to the food rich waters off Alaska. Beginning in March, these gentle giants begin their northward migration and often take their time on the journey, feeding as they travel. During this time of year, the whales stay closer to shore, making it easier to spot them. Adult males, juveniles and newly pregnant females are first to move north, while mothers with calves may not begin the trip for a month or two and can occasionally still be seen moving north into the summer. These mother and calf pairs are often easy to spot as they travel slowly and make fewer deep dives.” -Coastal Explorer

Join us, as our Oceanfront Resort sits on a 60ft bluff over looking the Pacific Ocean in Newport, Oregon. From your balcony you could see a whale spout or even a breach. Your best chance to spot one of these magnificent creatures is during Spring: March 21-28, 2015. So during Spring Break, choose to head to the beach and witness on of the 7 Wonders of Oregon; our Oregon Coast! Book Now!

Gray Whale (Eschrichtius robustus) Photo: Merrill Gosho, NOAA

Gray Whale
(Eschrichtius robustus)
Photo: Merrill Gosho, NOAA