A fun Social Media post

We received an email from a guest in Montana who had booked with us at the Hallmark Resort in Newport, Oregon but had to cancel due to an injury. She couldn’t check-in today as planned so we’re sending a Newport toast to her! Feel better ReAnn, we hope to see you in the future, from all of us here at the Hallmark.

“Dear Hallmark @ Newport:

I want to let you know that I hate you (!!!) as I lay here in pain   – recovering from a full knee replacement after a terrible year starting with a fall that broke my leg & wrecked my knee.

My goal a year ago was to be spending the last 2 weeks of August on the beach at Newport at your establishment!!! We saw you last year when staying there at another hotel.  We ate dinner at your restaurant,  toured a few rooms & after spending a week in Newport in fall of 2014, we made plans to spend the upcoming 2 weeks with you as our 2015 vacation. Fate decided it was not to be.  (Waaaahhhhh!!!)

You would never have known about all of this until I received your mean, evil Aquarium Package today that we could have made a part of our plans & which reminded me of our ruined plans.  (If only I was not laid up after this major surgery….Grrrrrrrr!!!)

I SO want to be there instead of here & after receiving this (oh, so, mean ) invitation I just had to reply & complain that your timing was terrible & I now feel WAY worse!!!  AND it is ALL your FAULT!  <Pouting>

I hope that at the very least on August 26, some one in management there will step out onto a deck at sunset, turn away from the ocean back towards the east & Montana, & drink a little toast in remembrance / sorrow of a Montanan who SO wanted to be there with you, but who instead will be having big, knarly, staples taken out of her knee that day.

Perhaps a prayer can be sent our way (along with more of your lovely invitations with yummy photographs) that I shall be lucky enough to meet you in 2016!?!?

Enjoy the next 2 weeks,


P.S.  I DO feel a little better after whining to you …<giggles>”

This is our response 🙂