Unleash a Pawsome Adventure in Cannon Beach

Dog and Haystack Rock

There’s nothing like watching a dog take off running once you hit the beach—the pure joy and exhilaration exuding from every furry inch of them as their paws hit the sand for the first time and they fly toward the water. It’s just one more reason a trip to the beach changes everything. 

As a pet-friendly hotel from the start (Hallmark’s story began with a momentous walk on the beach with a cocker spaniel named Sissy!), Hallmark Resort & Spa puts you right in the middle of the tail-wagger’s paradise that is Cannon Beach. 

Here are just a few activities that you and your canine companion can enjoy:



Dog playing on beach

  1. Walking, running and fetching in the shadow of Haystack Rock: Take a leisurely stroll or let them take off running like a furry bullet. They can even splash in the surf as they retrieve that well-worn tennis ball or semi-crumpled Frisbee. Hallmark has a dog-washing station at the top of the stairs to the beach! You’ll also receive a full doggy care package upon arrival, including a water bottle that converts to a dog dish, a brand new, un-bitten flying disc for them to catch mid-air, treats, a towel for sandy paws and a sheet to cover the bedspread so they can hop up and watch movies with you after a long day of frolicking.

Hallmark doggy package

As always, please note that if you are going to have your dog off-leash anywhere on the beach or in a state park, you must have voice control over them and they need to be in view at all times! If your dog can get snippy with humans or other dogs, a leash is an absolute must-have accessory.

  1. Ecola State Park: For nature-loving pups, the Ecola State Park is a dog-friendly haven. Leash ‘em up and embark on a scenic hike along the trails, with cliffside views of secluded coves, lush forests and even a long-abandoned lighthouse. Your dog will love all the fresh scents and new sights in the Sitka spruce forest and the grassy bluff with gorgeous views of the Pacific.

Take a short hike or walk the full 8-mile segment of the Oregon Coast Trail. Or go the mid-route and take the 2 ½ mile historic interpretive Clatsop Loop Trail. You’ll love walking the same ground as Captain William Clark and 12 members of the Corps of Discovery back in 1806, and they’ll find plenty of new things to sniff. 

Do keep a watchful eye open for the park’s wildlife, such as deer, elk, and even eagles soaring overhead. If you or your dog spot them, please immediately leash them to keep them from chasing after anything—especially anything they’d lose a fight with. 

Dog in kayak

Photo by Alain Pichot on Unsplash

  1. Dog-friendly kayak tours: Can you take your dog on your kayak? Absolutely! Many local operators cater to water-loving dogs, so you can both experience the joy of gliding across the waves. Just be sure to check the weather conditions and tide schedule to ensure safe paddling!

Kids and dog on beach with Haystack Rock

  1. Furry Photoshoots: Capture all your sandy memories by hiring a pet-friendly photographer for a fun photoshoot with your dog. The bright sunny days or golden hues of sunset at Haystack Rock are an awesome backdrop for that Christmas card shot—one that must include the whole family, including those of the four-legged variety.

Couple with ice cream and dog

  1. A leisurely walk through downtown Cannon Beach: If your pooch is friendly and loves a good under-snout scritch, then there’s nothing better than a stroll through the throng of downtown shoppers to get them the attention they so richly deserve.   

Pet-Friendly Bars and Restaurants:

  1. Pelican Brewing Company: Don’t miss Pelican Brewing Company, right across the street from Hallmark Resort & Spa Cannon Beach, which offers a lively dog-friendly deck and amazing local brews. Share some yummy fish tacos with your pup while you relish the sea breeze and the sound of crashing waves. They might even meet a friend or two, and then you’ll meet their owner, and suddenly you’re in the middle of a rom-com meet-cute. (See: Must Love Dogs, circa 2005. Not the greatest film, but excellent dog representation). 
Dogs at Public Coast Brewing

Photo courtesy of Public Coast Brewing

  1. Public Coast Brewing Co.: After an eventful day of exploration, head to Public Coast Brewing Co. and unwind on their pet-friendly patio. Sip on some craft brews while enjoying delicious food. They even have a doggy menu with treats specially crafted for your furry companion!
  2. Tom’s Fish & Chips: For a casual dining experience, Tom’s Fish & Chips is the go-to spot. Order some lip-smacking seafood and enjoy it at their dog-friendly outdoor seating area.

Sleepy Monk dog post

  1. Sleepy Monk Coffee Roasters: Start your mornings right in their outdoor seating area which welcomes dogs, and you can sip on a freshly brewed cup of coffee while your pal lounges next to you in the sun. Please be advised that even if they beg you to, do not order a latte for your dog—they’re a lot more sensitive to caffeine than humans and they always order too many pumps of syrup. Additionally, no one wants to deal with a dog on caffeine. They already act like they’ve had a triple espresso, especially around bedtime zoomies.

So, pack your bags, leash up your pup, and make your way to Cannon Beach for an unforgettable adventure with your best friend! And remember that your stay is all the more meaningful as we donate a portion of all our pet fees to local animal shelters. In 2022, we donated over $20,000! 

Don’t forget to share your experiences and tag us with #MyHallmarkMoment for a chance to be featured in our email and get two free nights at the Hallmark Resort of your choice! May your furry Cannon Beach travels fill your heart as much as they fill your lint roller.