The Dog Who Discovered Hallmark Resort & Spa Cannon Beach

A true vacation simply isn’t complete without bringing an important part of the family… not the kids – your pets! Being able to bring your number one companion can complete your vacation. Plus, with no need to call the dog sitter, your wallet will thank you. At Hallmark, we welcome dogs and even extend the invitation to other animals, too—including, cats, birds, bunnies, and reptiles. (Yes, snakes are welcome but please don’t forget them, it’s never fun finding a snake in your mini-fridge!) If you’re anything like us, the thought of leaving behind your pet can sometimes be daunting and even expensive. Your pet doesn’t love it either and sometimes the boredom can lead to destructive behaviors — we can all agree we don’t want that! Thankfully, your pet can join you on your trip to Hallmark.

All Because Of A Pup Named Sissy
How did Hallmark Inns & Resorts become Oregon’s first pet-friendly resort? It all started in 1948 when a friendly Cocker Spaniel named Sissy was on a walk in Cannon Beach with her beloved owners Bill and Georgie Hay. Sissy sniffed out a “for sale” sign on the bluff overlooking beautiful Haystack Rock. It was then that the Hays turned a mound of dirt into the Hallmark Resort & Spa in Cannon Beach, then added Hallmark Resort in Newport to the family in 1976.

A vintage good doggo on the beach with mom.

We embrace your cherished family members and also cater to them, treating them like the VIPs (very important pets) they are. When your pet arrives they are greeted with a heaping bowl of treats and their name listed on our blackboard to make you and them feel right at home!

Good girl golden retriever posing at the dog station in Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach.

Pet Package
We also offer a pet package that will help make your stay at Hallmark perfect. It includes doggy biscuits, a pet sheet, pooper scooper bags, a dog toy, and even a portable water bowl.

Hallmark Resort's pet package

Dirty Pup, Don’t Stress
Did your pup play so hard that every inch of their body is covered in sand and salty water? Chase hundreds of birds, take a dip in the ocean, and then roll through the sand? Don’t stress—we’ve got you and your pup covered. One of our favorite features, (it may be yours, too!) is our pet wash station which is located right as you walk back up to the resort from the beach. This makes for easy cleanup and everlasting memories that don’t follow you back to your room.

Dog washing station at Hallmark Resort Cannon Beach

No Vacation is complete without your furry companion
Getting away from it all wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if we couldn’t share it with our pets. That’s why at Hallmark we hope you bring your furry companions for a better vacation for all!

There is a $20 fee per pet, per night. We donate a portion of our pet fees to pets in need at the Clatsop County Animal Shelter. We do ask that you all abide by our rules to avoid entering the dog house. For more information on our policies and donations to animal nonprofits, visit our website. Don’t wait too long to book your next vacation, find the perfect room for you and your pet here!

Pet friendly rooms available for only a $20/night fee.