Step into the Silver Screen: Discover Cannon Beach’s Movie Magic

Family and Haystack Rock

We’ve created the ideal themed weekend that accommodates your whole group, whether you’re just visiting Cannon Beach to lounge on the sand or you came to explore the shoreline. Picture this: the sun, the sand, and the ability to say you’ve stood in the same spot as Keanu Reeves—the three keys to a perfect weekend. 

We’ve created a tour so you can explore two great beaches and discover the beauty of Ecola State Park with the added bonus of being on multiple blockbuster movie locations. Grab some free popcorn from the front desk and step into the silver screen:

Knock at the Cabin screenshot of movie

Knock at the Cabin (2023) 

Haystack Rock 

M Night Shyamalan’s newest hit, Knock at the Cabin, rated R, features a shot of our famous Haystack Rock, a view you can see right from the comfort of our oceanfront room balconies! This movie is not for the faint of heart, it’s a story of a family being taken hostage deep in the forest. Get your horror fill with this flick available on Netflix. Haystack Rock image

The beach featured in the film is only a few steps from the hotel so you can see this monolithic sea rock up close. Be sure to explore at low tide when you can walk right up to the tide pools at the base of the rock. See the tide tables here. Take in the view in a couple of complimentary beach chairs.

Goonies screenshot with Haystack Rock

The Goonies (1985)

Haystack Rock

Step back in time and experience the magic of the 80s classic, The Goonies, right in front of the hotel. This film, directed by Steven Spielberg, begins with a thrilling car chase that culminates at a truck rally on the shores of Cannon Beach, with the iconic Haystack Rock towering in the background. 

Want to change the scenery? Head to Ecola State Park for the next part of our tour. 

Ecola State Park over shoulder view

Ecola State Park 

Only a short 16-minute drive from Hallmark— is not only a surfer’s paradise, it was the site of many blockbuster hit movies. Watch surfers, picnic, lay out on the beach and explore the very shores that witnessed the escapades of the Goonies.

Screenshot of Goonies movie

See the place where the Goonies, including Data (Oscar winner Ke Huy Kwan), hunted for pirate treasure. Discover the remnants of the Fratellis’ hideout at the Ecola State Park Viewpoint and take in the views of the Pacific.  

Twilight at Indian Beach screenshot

Twilight (2008)

Indian Beach, Ecola State Park

Robert Pattinson. As a vampire. Need we say more? Visit Indian Beach also located in Ecola State Park and be transported to the world from the blockbuster hit Twilight! Walk along the sands of Indian Beach that stood in for Twlight’s ‘La Push Beach’ and visit the very spot Jacob and Bella connected for the first time—a must-visit for #teamjacob enthusiasts. If you are a fan of the supernatural or just enjoy a good romantic flick, indulge in this saga that was filmed all over the Pacific Northwest available on Hulu.

Twilight couple

For the non-Twilight fans (not sure if they exist?), Indian Beach is a great place to watch surfers and spend a relaxing afternoon. 

Indian Beach view over shoulder

Kindergarten Cop (1990)

Indian Beach, Ecola State Park

The hit movie Kindergarten Cop, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was also filmed at Indian Beach. Relive the school carnival scene, filmed next to the parking lot overlooking the ocean. Then set up a picnic and take in the views. 

Point Break sign

Point Break (1991) 

Indian Beach, Ecola State Park

Another movie shot at Indian Beach is the iconic climax of Point Break, where the beach transforms into Australia’s Break Bells Beach in the 1991 film. In the thrilling finale, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze engage in their ultimate showdown on the beach, ending with Reeves’ iconic sendoff, “Vaya con dios.”

Couple on beach at sunset

Make Your Own Movie Moment in Cannon Beach

Make your own Cannon Beach movie moment. Find your own ideal filming spot with unlimited access to picturesque beaches and gorgeous sunsets. 

Find your ideal summer activity (browse through all the possibilities: right here), or simply relax in the comfort of your own room—no matter how you prefer to spend your vacation, the perfect place to start is with us.