Cannon Beach Vacation Packages

S’mores Package

This package has everything you need for the perfect bonfire and gooey treat for four! Wood, chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers and more.

Elements by the Sea - Couples Therapy

Couple’s Triple Treatment

Grab that special someone for a Swedish Massage, Full Body Scrub, and Wave Cleanse Shower to help strengthen your bond.

Cannon Beach Romantic Escape package

Romantic Escape

Red roses, fresh-baked French Macarons, fragrant sea-scented candle, chilled champagne (or sparkling cider), and two keepsake Hallmark champagne flutes.

Cannon Beach Sweathearts Package

Sweetheart Package

Have a romantic toast with your sweetheart with red roses, chilled champagne (or sparkling cider), and two keepsake Hallmark flutes.

Romantic Hotel Package Cannon Beach

Touched By Roses

Bed turned down and sprinkled with fragrant, soft, heart shaped rose petals and a long-stemmed red rose rests on your beloved’s pillow to say “I love you”.

Cannon Beach Sweathearts Package

Lover’s Retreat Package

Heart shaped rose petals, long-stemmed red rose, fresh-baked French Macarons, a chilled bottle of champagne (or sparkling cider), and keepsake Hallmark champagne flutes.