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Coconut Shrimp | Four shrimp in coconut breading with pineapple salsa and sweet-chili slaw. 11.25

Calamari | Calamari in our slightly spicy breading, deep-fried and presented with our spicy aioli. 11.95

Grass-Fed Beef Sliders | Two sliders with caramelized onion, mini onion rings, Tillamook® Cheddar, and Blue cheese mayo. 10.95

Steamer Clams | One-pound of Northwest steamers in white wine, garlic and butter. Served with fresh Parmesan garlic bread. 14.95

Diablo Tenderloin Bites | Tenderloin tips sautéed in a slightly spicier, less sweet version of our diablo sauce. Served with Parmesan garlic bread. 16.95

Dungeness Crab & Artichoke Fondue | Dungeness crab, cream cheese, artichokes, onion and Tillamook® Cheddar. 22.95

Sautéed Prawns | Four prawns sautéed with fresh basil, thyme, garlic, herbed butter, prosciutto, lemon zest, lime and white wine. Served with fresh Parmesan garlic bread. 13.95

Seafood Cocktail | Dungeness Crab 17.95 / Shrimp 10.95 / Local Bay Shrimp 8.95 Served with cocktail sauce.

Deep-Fried Zucchini | Lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Served with Ranch. 7.95

Fresh Parmesan Garlic Bread | Local sourdough with Parmesan, garlic, and butter. 4.95

Dungeness Crab Cakes | Two Dungeness crab cakes mixed with spices and herbs then pan-fried to a golden brown. Served with lemon-lime aioli. 19.95


Caesar Salad | Our version of the classic. 7.95

Spinach Salad | Tossed with bacon, Blue cheese crumbles and our honey-balsamic dressing. 7.95

House Salad | Romaine, spinach, black olive, feta, carrot, cucumber and tomato. Strawberry garnish. 6.95

Caprese Salad | Fresh Mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil and pesto with a balsamic reduction. 7.95


Clam Chowder | Our New England-style Clam Chowder. Cup 5.25 / Bowl 7.25 / Bread Bowl 10.25

Prime Rib Chili | Topped with Tillamook® Cheddar and served with sour cream.  Cup 6.25 / Bowl 9.25 / Bread Bowl 12.25

Soup of the Day | Cup 4.50/ Bowl 5.50/ Bread Bowl 8.50


Soft Drinks, Iced Tea or Lemonade 2.95
Thundermuck Coffee or Hot Tea 2.95
Bottled Root Beer or Ginger Ale 3.50
Milk (2% or non-fat) 3.25
Raspberry or Strawberry Lemonade 3.25
Milkshakes 5.95 | Smoothies 4.95


Marionberry Crisp | Local marionberries topped with a brown sugar, oatmeal and butter crumble.  Served warm with a scoop of Tillamook® Vanilla Bean ice cream. 6.95

White Chocolate Cheesecake | Baked in house with a cookie crumble crust. 6.95

Sorbet 4.95

Irish Cream Crème Brûlée 6.95


Diablo Margarita | Habanero infused tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, organic agave nectar, seasoned rim. 11.00

Shark Bite | Malibu, Kahlua, dark crème de cacao and ice cream. 9.00

Key Lime Martini | Malibu, Stoli Vanil, lime juice. 9.00

Citrus Blossom | Limoncello, Tito’s vodka, St Germaine Elderflower liqueur, club soda. 12.00

Summer Job | Hendrick’s gin, cucumber soda, cucumber, lime, simple syrup. 10.50

Aqua Marine | Crème de Banana, Hypnotiq, pineapple juice. 9.00

Fogcutter Coffee | Grand Marnier, Kahlua, Bacardi 151, dark crème de cacao, Thundermuck coffee. 9.50

Italian Sunset Margarita | Sauza gold tequila, triple sec, sweet & sour, blackberry brandy. 9.00

Kentucky Amore | Maker’s Mark bourbon, chocolate bitters, Meletti Amaro. 9.00

MODAK | Our house specialty featuring 11 different ingredients served on the rocks. 9.00

Ginger Creek | Knob Creek whiskey, ginger beer and lime juice. 12.00

Absolut Raspberry Lemonade | Absolut Raspberry, Absolut Citron, raspberry liqueur, lemonade and raspberry puree. Up, rocks or blended. 9.50

French Martini | Grey Goose, pineapple juice and Chambord, shaken. 12.95

SPIRITS | Oregon spirits are noted (OR)

Vodka | Absolut – Peppar, Citron, Raspberry, Mandarin, Pear, Kurrant, Berri Acai | Belvedere | Firefly Sweet Tea | Grey Goose – Le Citron| Ketel One | Skyy | Smirnoff | Stoli – Vanil, | 360 Double Chocolate | Monopolowa (potato) | Spiritopia Ginger | Crater Lake (OR) – Hazelnut & Espresso | Tito’s

Bourbons & Whiskys | Bookers | Angel’s Envy | Blanton’s | Rogue Dead Guy (OR) | Knob Creek | Jameson | Bushmills | Jack Daniel’s | Maker’s Mark | Jim Beam | Old Overholt | Wild Turkey | Yukon Jack | Fireball | Southern Comfort | C.W. Irwin (OR) | Crater Lake Rye (OR) | Bulleit | Bulleit Rye | Buffalo Trace

Blended | Johnnie Walker Black (12 yr) | Johnnie Walker Red | Chivas Regal | Dewars | J&B | Cutty Sark | Macnaughton | Black Velvet

Canadian | Pendleton (OR) | Crown Royal | Canadian Club | Canadian Mist | Seagrams VO | Seagrams 7

Scotch | Dalmore (12yr) | Dalwhinnie (15yr) | Glenlivet (12yr) | Glenfiddich (12yr) | Macallan (12yr) | McCarthy’s (OR)

Gin | Hendricks | Rogue Spruce (OR) | Tanqueray | Tanqueray Rangpur | Bombay | Bombay Sapphire | Boodles | Beefeaters | Aviation (OR) | Crater Lake (OR)

Tequila | Don Julio Blanco, Anejo | Patron Silver | 1800 – Silver, Resposado | Jose Cuervo | Sauza | Habanero

Rum | Viva City Traditional (OR) | 4-Spirits Spiced (OR) | Bacardi – Superior, 151, Select, Dark | Malibu – Coconut, Pineapple, Mango | Myers Dark | Captain Morgan – Silver, Spiced


Presented with fresh steamed vegetables and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, or our rice blend unless otherwise noted.

Wild Salmon | A 6-oz wild Northwest salmon fillet with your choice of olive oil and lemon, pineapple salsa or blackened. 25.95

Dungeness Crab Cakes | Dungeness crab mixed with spices and herbs, pan-fried to a golden brown. Presented with a side of lemon-lime aioli. 22.95(2) | 29.95(3)

Flame-Broiled Halibut | A 6-ounce flame-broiled fillet of halibut with your choice of olive oil and lemon, pineapple-salsa or blackened. 26.95

Georgie’s Pacific Seafood Sauté | Sautéed tiger shrimp, fresh clams, wild salmon and halibut topped with local bay shrimp and fresh Dungeness crab. 32.95

Halibut Fish & Chips | Tender Pacific halibut fillets dipped in Georgie’s “What the Hef?” ale batter and deep-fried to a golden brown. Presented with fries and tartar sauce. two 16.25 | three 20.25

Stuffed Salmon | A 6-oz wild fillet of salmon filled with a mixture of crab, shrimp, cream cheese and fresh herbs then baked to perfection. Finished with a lemon-lime butter sauce. 27.95

Parmesan and Herb Encrusted Halibut | A 6-oz halibut fillet encrusted with Parmesan and herbs then baked to a golden brown. Topped with Alfredo sauce and local bay shrimp. 26.95

Halibut Tacos | Panko breaded or grilled halibut in soft corn tortillas topped with green and red cabbage, salsa verde, mango salsa and chipotle ranch. Not served with sides. two 16.25 | three 19.25

Deep-Fried Shrimp | Six shrimp dipped in Georgie’s “What the Hef?” ale batter and deep-fried. Presented with tartar and cocktail sauces. 18.95

Scampi Piccata | Shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic, capers, butter, lemon juice, lemon zest and fresh herbs. 19.95

Yaquina Bay Oysters | Nine pan-fried breaded local oysters with tartar and cocktail sauces. 19.95

Razor Clams | Two tender razor clams lightly breaded with Japanese-style bread crumbs. Presented with tartar sauce. 19.95

Cod Fish & Chips | Fresh caught Northwest cod lightly coated with Japanese style breadcrumbs and deep-fried to a golden brown. Served with fries and tartar sauce. two 10.95 | three 12.95

Blackened Ahi Tuna | A blackened Ahi steak seared RARE and topped with fresh pineapple-salsa. Served with fresh steamed vegetables and a sweet and spicy red curry cream sauce over Jasmine rice.

Fisherman’s Stew | Northwest clams, wild salmon, white fish, scallops and shrimp topped with Dungeness crab meat in a zesty tomato broth. Served with fresh Parmesan garlic bread. 26.95


Classic Caesar Salad | Fresh chopped romaine with traditional Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and fresh grated Parmesan. classic 8.95 | salmon 17.95 | grilled chicken breast 12.95 | Dungeness crab 24.95 | local bay shrimp 11.95

Blackberry Barbeque Salmon Salad | A 6-oz wild salmon fillet pan-roasted then glazed with our house-made local marionberry BBQ sauce. Served on a bed of fresh romaine, then tossed with honey-mustard dressing and seasonal fresh fruit. 17.95

Cobb Salad | Diced chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, bacon, crumbled Blue cheese, avocado, green onion, tomatoes and finely chopped romaine with your choice of dressing. 13.50

Southwest Chicken Salad | Our slightly sweet and spicy Southwestern grilled chicken breast served over romaine with peppers, sweet corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado and creamy chipotle-ranch dressing. Topped with tortilla strips. 12.95

Spinach Salad | Crisp bacon, sliced mushrooms, crumbled Blue cheese, grape tomatoes and pecans tossed with fresh spinach in our honey-balsamic dressing. 12.95 | grilled chicken breast 16.95 | wild salmon 21.95

Herb Encrusted Wild Salmon Salad | A 6-oz herb encrusted wild salmon fillet served on a bed of greens with fruit salsa, pecans, mango, strawberries, Blue cheese, dried cranberries and honey- mustard dressing. 17.95

Fresh Berry Spring Salad | Fresh greens served with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, apple slices, mangos, pecans, cranberries and Gouda cheese. Served with a side of raspberry vinaigrette. 11.95 | grilled chicken breast 15.95 | wild salmon 18.95



All pasta dishes served with fresh locally baked Parmesan garlic bread.

Diablo Seafood Pasta | Shrimp, crabmeat, wild salmon, and scallops tossed in a sweet and slightly spicy three-cheese cream sauce with fettuccine. 23.95

Fettuccine Alfredo | Tender fettuccine tossed with our three-cheese cream sauce. 12.95 | chicken breast 16.95 | blackened chicken 17.95



Balsamic Portabella with Caprese Salad | Grilled portabella mushroom served over greens, with fresh Mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and basil. Garnished with pesto and a balsamic reduction. 12.95

Sautéed Vegetable Linguini | Sautéed zucchini and asparagus tossed with linguini, olive oil, diced tomatoes, white wine, fresh garlic and spinach. Garnished with Parmesan and Asiago. Presented with fresh Parmesan garlic bread. 11.95

Baked Portabella | Fresh baked Portabella with melted fresh Mozzarella and roasted tomato over garlic mashed potatoes with marinara and pesto. Served with fresh Parmesan garlic bread. 14.95


Our Northwest USDA steaks are cut to Georgie’s specifications and aged for a minimum of 28 days. Presented with fresh steamed vegetables and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, or our rice blend.

Top Sirloin | 8-oz 20.95

New York Steak | 10-oz 25.95

Rib Eye | 12-oz 28.95

Flat Iron | 8-oz 20.95

Filet Mignon| 8-oz 32.95

Steak Accompaniments | Oscar Style (Dungeness Crabmeat, Béarnaise and Asparagus). 16 | 3 Sautéed Shrimp 6 | Blue Cheese 3 | Demi-Glace 3 | Mushrooms 2 | Béarnaise 2 | Sautéed Onions 2 | Blackened 2

Friday & Saturday Nights – Prime Rib* | Presented with fresh steamed vegetables and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, or our rice blend.
10-oz 24.95 | 12-oz 29.95 | 16-oz 34.95

Georgie’s Grass-Fed Burger* |

100% Oregon grass-fed and finished beef from High Desert Grass Fed Natural Beef®. A half-pound burger char-grilled to your specifications with Tillamook® Cheddar, Swiss, Pepper Jack or Jack cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a grilled pub bun. Presented with your choice of coleslaw, fries, or potato salad. 12.95

Other Patty Options | Veggie 10.95 | Chicken Breast 10.95 | Portabella Mushroom 9.95
Add-on’s | Bacon, Onion Rings, Jalapeños, Avocado, Sautéed Mushrooms or Sautéed Onions 2.00


Parmesan Chicken Penne | Parmesan encrusted chicken breast grilled until golden brown and served over penne pasta with Alfredo and marinara sauces. Served with fresh Parmesan garlic bread. 16.95

Balsamic Chicken with Caprese Salad | Grilled chicken breast served over greens, with fresh Mozzarella, sliced tomatoes and basil. Garnished with pesto and a balsamic reduction. 13.95

Herb and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast | Chicken breast breaded with fresh Parmesan and bread crumbs then stuffed with Mozzarella, Fontina, fresh basil and spinach. Topped with a prosciutto and tomato cream sauce. Presented with steamed vegetables and your choice of garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato or our rice blend. 18.95

*State law requires us to inform you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. gbg.v.7.16  **menu items and prices subject to change