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“Wow what a great place to stay! The view was so spectacular we just stared at it in disbelief."
Chris B., Spokane, WA
"Our stay at the Hallmark at Cannon Beach was fabulous."
Darka S., Portland, Oregon
"Absolutely the best we ever stayed."
Linda M.
"The view was amazing as it's the closest hotel to Haystack rock."
Karyn M., Cleveland, OH
"This resort hotel restored my marriage, my faith in humanity, and my respect for the beauty of Mother Nature. Also I like their free taffy."
Jena E, Seattle, WA
"My favorite hotel on the coast."
Luckey S., Vancouver, WA
“Go with the Ocean Front! Cannot beat the view!”
Youlia B., Stoneham, Massachusetts

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Clamming Near Cannon Beach

Published on October 21, 2014

Clamming Near Cannon Beach

For something different and exciting, try your hand at clam digging in the nearby Seaside, Gearhart, and Clatsop beach areas. A great family sport, digging for clams is an inexpensive outdoor activity. Digging is the most productive an hour before and an hour after low tide. A shellfish license is required for anyone 14 years or older, and you’ll need good boots, weather-appropriate clothes, clam shovel or rake, and a bucket. For daily shellfish limit regulations and further information, visit the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department’s website www.dfw.state.or.us/

Most local sporting good stores have clamming equipment available to rent.

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